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Terps, Hoyas, and Wizards

6:00- We make our arrival to the Verizon Center…So far so good!

6:10- Walk out towards the floor and look up at the glory that is the house that Abe Polin built.

6:15- Go all the way up to the pressbox only to be told that these seats are for sale and not for the media…Keeping us on out toes Verizon Center, I like it.

6:25- The food in the press lounge was quite delicious if I may say so myself…Next step, find where our seats are.

6:30- Finally find the seating chart and find we’re in section 107, which is awesome. Now we just have to figure out how to get up there.

6:32- Willis says “Well editor, how do we get there?” in a sarcastic manner as he’s kind of a dick sometimes…Naturally I exude leadership and find our row.

6:44- The Celtics take the court to a chorus of boos…Welcome to DC guys.

6:45- Your Washington Wizards have taken the floor!! Spirited lay up line as they get ready for their home opener.

6:47- Seraphin moving well in the layup line which is encouraging as we were awful on the boards against Cleveland.

6:48- Paul Pierce literally has just been launching half court threes since the Celtics took the floor…Guess thats a game shot for him, must be nice.

6:50- Starters for tonight…Wizards: Price, Beal, Ariza, Booker and Okafor….Celtics: Rondo, Lee, Pierce, Sullinger and Garnett.

6:54- Looking around there’s a whole lot of green here…Wizards fans probably just getting in their last drinks before taking their seats, our fanbase likes to party.

6:59- We have a Gheorge Muresan sighting!!!

7:02- Wolf Blitzer breaks down the opener from the Wizards Situation Room!

7:04- Whoever had Emeka Okafor as the Wizard who addresses the crowd give yourself a pat on the back…Shockingly enough no one announced themselves as a team captain.

7:07- Celtics starters announced to some awful funneled in bagpipes…Sure KG is amped up now.

7:08- Big Tigger on the mic introducing the Wizards roster. No dougie from John Wall upon his introduction, kinda surprised.

7:11- Wizards don’t look as energized during starting line up intros as I’d expected. That better change come tip off.

7:13- Crowd isn’t helping much it’s eerily quiet in the Phone Booth right now.

7:15- Stand till we score is back!!! Hopefully this happens quickly. New Traditions.

7:16- Paul Pierce hits a three and the crowd explodes…Could be a long night.

7:17- Okafor scores on a goaltend by KG…Welcome to the 2012-2013 Wizards fans! You can sit down now.

7:21- This isn’t going as planned…Boston up 11-2 and the building has no energy at all. Wizards basketball y’all.

7:24- In the crowds defense not much to get excited about yet..Unless you’re one of the people here in green and in that case I don’t care about you.

7:27- Booker with an And 1 and the Wizards more than double their point total with just 3:53 remaining its Boston 19-5.

7:29- Fan in crowd lets everyone know what he did this summer? Segway into how the Wizards spent their summer…Not enough coolin for my taste.

7:34- Its going to be a long season…11 minutes in and the Wiz have 8 points.

7:36- Double digits!!!!!!

7:38- After 12 min the wiz kids have 12 points…speechless.

7:42- Bobby Hurley says on Twitter how the Wizards without Wall are last years Bobcats…Ouch.

7:44- Kevin Seraphin is the only Wizards player capable of making shots with regularity it seems.

7:47- Just got first quarter stats…Washington shots 21% in first quarter…Because Wizards.

7:50- Kevin Seraphin is putting the Wizards on his back…Wiz Kids within 5 and Seraphin in double figures.

7:55- The second unit has 20 of our 29 points with 5 min left in the half.. Wow.

7:57- JAN VESELY DUNK! Somewhere in DC women are losing their minds in elation.

8:01- Bradley Beal finally back in the game after sitting majority of second quarter…Interesting strategy by Wittman.


8:06- After one half the Wizards claw back into it and trail by only 7. 49-42 Boston as we go to the break.

8:12- I’m not sure what this halftime entertainment is but apparently they were on Americas Got Talent…Probably could have used a little more talent.

8:20- First half thoughts…Seraphin playing lights out in his debut, Booker bouncing back nicely from debacle in Cleveland, Bradley Beal needs to get it going for the Wiz to have a chance at winning this one.

8:24- Annnnnnd we’re off! Same starters for both sides as the second half gets underway.

8:25- Beal needs to become the aggressor on offense, far too passive when we’re on that end right now.

8:27- From my keyboard to Beal’s brain! Bradley drives hard to the bucket drawing a foul and scoring his first points in front of the home crowd from the charity stripe.

8:32- The crowd going wild everytime Boston scores is getting old real quick.

8:36- Its getting to the point where Jordan Crawford has to be on the floor for us to get anything going offensively…Who would’ve said that last year?

8:39- Second unit keeping the Wizards in the game again tonight. Starters need to begin producing or Wittman may have to do some tinkering.

8:44- Great pass by Vesely to Seraphin for the deuce…Crawford follows it up with another bucket and the Wiz are within two!

8:45- After three quarters the Wizards trail Boston by four…Clawing our way back one possession at a time. Seraphin and Crawford carrying their team that quarter.


8:53- Jordan Crawford is having a game and a half. Just got the 3rd quarter stats and hes got 20 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists on 8/13 from the field…MICROWAVE PEOPLE!!

9:01- Cartier Martin comes in and immediately drains a three and gets a steal and score bringing Washington back to within three with 4:52 to play.

9:06- Rondo blocked by Seraphin late it the shot clock and catches it with one hand and makes a circus shot.


9:09- Seraphin from the elbow gives the Wizards a quick lead before Pierce hit a three to put Boston back up…We got a one point game with under two minutes to go.

9:12- Announced sellout for opening night…Thanks for coming out Celtics fans.

9:16- Martin with a careless turnover is bailed out by good defense. Celtics up 1 with 49.7 to go. Wizards ball, winning time people.

9:21- 4.5 seconds left…Wizards ball sideline out of bounds down one. Webster with a fading to the side contested three pointer off the catch? Huh?

9:25- That’ll do it from Verizon…Final score Boston 89 Washington 86.

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