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Terps, Hoyas, and Wizards

Washington Wizards (0-5) vs Charlotte Bobcats (2-3)

Time: 7:00

Place: Time Warner Cable Arena -  Charlotte, NC

Why you should watch: Its a division game!

The Wizards divisional schedule opens tonight as Washington travels to the Queen City to take on the Bobcats. Even though we didn’t do well against many teams last season the Wiz Kids essentially owned Charlotte. The Wizards need to keep this trend alive and well even though many of the parts have changed for both sides.

Ben Gordon has brought a new dynamic to the Bobcats offense that they severely lacked last season. He has filled it up for Charlotte in multiple games this season helping them to an early pair of wins. When he is in the game tonight the Wizards will have to, for lack of a better term, be all over him like a cheap suit.

Offensively I expect the Wizards to have a much needed breakout game. Charlotte is giving up 104 ppg on the season so far so that should give Washington a nice boost. I’m looking for Bradley Beal to continue his more inspired play this evening.

Key Storyline:

1) Which backcourt prevails?

The Bobcats get the bulk of their offense from the backcourt. If the Wizards can contain both Kemba Walker and Ben Gordon on the offensive end then they stand a good chance at notching their first victory of the season. Plain and simple, AJ Price and Bradley Beal need to out produce that pair to be successful tonight.

2) Which Trevor Ariza shows up tonight?

Ariza has been an enigma to me to say the least. I know he is a very competent and capable player in the NBA but for some reason he hasn’t put it all together in D.C. as of yet. After being a virtual no show the first few games it appears as if he’s beginning to see the light. I understand that learning a new system can be difficult but this team needs Ariza to a difference maker know order to win games.


Washington: 97

Charlotte: 92

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