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Terps, Hoyas, and Wizards

6:33 PM – Thirty minutes until tip off, and we’re hearing that Jan Vesely is going to start the game. Phew, now we at least know someone will be out there who can guard Gordon Hayward!

6:37 PM -  Looking at the stats, Vesely is 1-of-9 on free throws this season, so it might be wise to look out for the Hack-A-Jan strategy if things get dicey later in the game

6:39 PM – I guess tonight Wittman decided that enough was enough, the starters are now: Price, Crawford, Ariza, Vesely, and Okafor. Beal has played his way to the bench. I guess Randy was a little upset that Beal was 4 for his last 25. What’s in a number?

6:43 PM – The Utah Jazz take the court for warm ups and are met with a resounding chorus of boo’s…from all sixteen people at the arena. Mo Williams feelings = hurt

6:48 PM – Wizards come out to 2 Chainz for warm ups a bit later. All I want for my birthday is a big blowout win!

6:52 PM – While I’m not excited for the thumping that may be Okafor vs Al Jefferson, I am excited to see two forwards who play incredibly similar games go up against one another in Kevin Seraphin and Paul Millsap. The two are extremely similar in their abilities, with Millsap being a bit older and a bit better at rebounding. Seraphin, however, has a much softer touch than him, and could potentially end up having a similar career if he gets more opportunities.

6:58 PM – Fun fact: Trevor Ariza and Martell Webster are the only two Wizards who warm up with their tops off.

7:00 PM – I was right in my assumptions: the Utah Jazz do not have a good traveling fan base. Unfortunately, the Wizards do not have a good fan base…so it really doesn’t matter. This place is emptier than Jessica Simpson’s head.

7:07 PM – That awkward moment when John Wall and Nene are the features of the pregame video and neither one has suited up for the team…

7:10 PM – Big Tigga is now telling everyone to remain standing until the Wizards score…boy has he fallen off since running The Basement on BET. Well, not really. Of course, the Wizards miss their first three shots down the court, causing the elderly considerable pain.

7:12 PM – Vesely attempting to box out against Jefferson, Millsap, or Favors is going to be funny all night. Fortunately, as the ball bounced off his head we got a rebound. Note: The header is NOT illegal in basketball. It’s just strongly discouraged.

7:15 PM – Of course, the next possession someone tries to pass to him and it bounces off him for a turnover. I think Vesely is going to try the “Look Ma, no hands!” strategy this game, which I’m okay with.

7:17 PM – On the Washington Wizards T-Shirt toss, I’m confident that three or four shirts literally just fell into empty chairs due to poor form by the Wizards cheerleaders and attendance…

7:21 PM – Vesely is now 2 of 13 on the season hitting free throws! Hack-A-Jan has already begun in order to stall the Wizards 15-2 run to start the first quarter. I can honestly say that it may just work. The Jazz have come out just as they were expected to, completely flat. They may in fact be a worse road team than the Wizards, and we are the worst.

7:23 PM – Gordon Hayward and Jan Vesely both defy the notion that white guys and Europeans are shooters. But then, Marco Belinelli may have defied that trend a long time ago.

7:30 PM – Apparently Bradley Beal can name more “car models” than Trevor Ariza with 16. Except I think that the Florida school system failed Bradley because “station wagon” and “sedan” aren’t models. Ariza was going off, naming Ferarri 599′s and Range Rovers

7:35 PM – Shaun Livingston checks into the game! Forgive me if I get extremely emotional about his presence on the court. For a kid with such promise, it was truly a shame to see him go down with that knee injury earlier in his career. He has recovered to have a very good one, but I can’t help but constantly think how much better it could have been. He is, however, a perfect example (and slap in David Stern’s face) of the advantages of taking the money and running with it. Had he gone to college and sustained such an injury, there would have been no chance for him. Prime reason why that rule is stupid.

7:36 PM – Every time I see G-Wiz, I can only hope that there is a barf bag nearby

7:40 PM – Jamaal Tinsley, a relic of the days when you could jump in the stands and punch fans out in Indiana, checks into the game. The Wizards also lose their lead. Coincidence? Doubtful…

7:42 PM: Bradley Beal with his first dunk of the year! It’s good to see him do well, it’s unfortunate that he was nowhere near ready to start for the Wizards at the beginning of the season. That being said, hopefully this will help him get some confidence back and return to proper form. I still have my reservations about his shot being able to fall consistently, but this is a start. Four points in the second quarter alone.

7:47 PM – Of course on the day I bash Gordon Hayward for not being all he was cracked up to be coming out of college he turns into the Hulk and drops 13 off the bench in about a quarter’s worth of playing time and dominates the Wizards. I remember watching him in college and thinking that he had the athleticism of a small forward in the NBA, because his moves were actually really silky and he could shoot a bit. Then when he came in, I realized he couldn’t shoot that well and he was just an athletic white guy who I had a man crush on during the tournament. Either way, he does have a place in the NBA somewhere.

7:52 PM – Trevor Ariza scores his 11th point of the game off a fastbreak steal. I mean, I know I’m critical of him but if he can become a defensive wing player who scores 11 points a game, I’ll be happy….

No, no I won’t. He has games like these that make you want to believe he’s a starter in the NBA, but it’s fool’s gold. I promise you it’s fool’s gold.

7:57 PM: Per my previous statements, I realized he’s dominating a game that is 33-31 with 2 minutes left in the second quarter and felt better about not being a fan of his just yet. Somehow, however, there is an entire section of Verizon chanting “MVP!” after Ariza converts an And-1. SMH

8:00 PM – Wizards lead at the half and the fans are happy. Solid 40 point outing for the first half? I’ll take it! 40-38 Wiz Kids

8:20 PM – Al Jefferson starts off the second half by giving Emeka Okafor a quick four points. It only took a half of basketball, but there’s a good chance from here on out Emeka is going to get lit up.

8:25 PM – AJ Price securing his status as the human microwave by hitting two three pointers, stealing the ball, making a layup, and then getting an assist to put the Wizards up 53-45. I love it when AJ is like this, I hate it when AJ is like how he could very well be the rest of the game (ill advised three point shots early in the clock). Such is life with Price.

8:30 PM – Here’s a beef with Jordan Crawford. Vesely extends a play with a fantastic rebound on the offensive end and mid air passes to Jordan Crawford for a wide open jumper. Crawford then backs up to the three point line, looking down to ensure that he’s behind it, and shoots a three pointer. While his head is still down looking at the three point line. Obvious miss.

8:35 PM – As predicted, Al Jefferson has 15 points and is now giving Emeka Okafor work from everywhere on the court. Even if Jefferson is the softest center since Kwame Brown to step foot in the Verizon Center, he is a great rebounder and absolutely kills so-so centers. Offensive machine.

8:40 PM – Nene looks great in a suit….

8:45 PM – Shaun Livingston just looks great on a basketball court. Running hook for two points, his game is throwback like an opposing team’s home run ball

8:50 PM – I think it’s safe to say the Wizards need to work on their interior play. Favors just jammed over two players, but Jefferson has been running roughshod over the Wizards the entire game. It’s not a matter of effort, it’s a matter of being taught the proper positioning in the first place. Talking to you, Randy.

8:55 PM – Bradley Beal finally enters the game a little into the fourth quarter. He didn’t touch the court during the third and I’m wondering why. Not that it really mattered, because the Wizards were up anyway. But they’re down now, so maybe he should play. That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it.

8:56 PM – If Derrick Favors had missed both free throws, the entire arena would have won a free Chik-Fil-A sammie. Never heard Verizon louder than at that moment. Maryland, everyone.

9:00 PM – Five minutes left, the Wizards are down five points. This is where they shine!

9:01 PM – Correction. This is when Randy Wittman shines. Chris Singleton is in the game after sitting the first three quarters. Randy must have been impressed with his cheering ability. Me? Not so much.

9:05 PM -Correction again. The Wizards are now down 80-69 with 2 minutes and some change left. This is not their time to shine. What in God’s name happened?

9:07 PM – The entire stadium is emptying out, but the game is far from over. I have seen Tracy McGrady score like 13 points in 3 seconds so I don’t see what the BFD is

9:10 PM – That’s a ball game, ladies and gentlemen….Wizards let one slip right through their fingers 80-71…well it’s 80-71 with 45 seconds left so I think you can get the picture.

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