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Terps, Hoyas, and Wizards

7:03 PM: The Wizards are about to tip off, and the Verizon Center would be wise to inject some noise into the arena, because you could hear a pin drop in here.

7:10 PM: Wizards play the Meow Mix theme song while introducing the Bobcats…they’ve gotta get creative to keep the fans attentive. I like where this is headed. Big Tigga just asked the fans to make some noise, and let me tell you there was NO noise. Every fan needs to be given a megaphone from this point on. Or they should raise the symbols on the court to give the Wizards an extra defensive advantage.

7:15 PM: Kemba Walker hits a step back jumper like he did in the Big East tournament a couple years ago. I can say I might be wrong about him becoming a competent player. He was talented in college, but I didn’t think he was tall enough or good enough of a shooter to become a starter in the league. Instead, he finds ways to get around people and plays the game smart. I still have my doubts about his longevity in the league, but for now I’m wrong.

7:20 PM: Wizards down 12-10 with 5:52 left in the first quarter. Thoughts so far? Everything the Wizards do is sloppy. Including the T-Shirt toss, which slung a shirt into a young fan’s face. #BecauseWizards

7:30 PM: Remember when Ben Gordon was on the Bulls? LOL. In other news, the Wizards

8:15 PM: The Washington Wizards lead at halftime 51-50, thanks in large part to six Wizards players being between six and nine points. It’s a back and forth game that is going to be decided in the last few seconds. I’m impressed with two things. The completely empty section in 315 providing a major morale boost, and Bradley Beal’s all around game. He has 4 rebounds and 4 assists in spite of seemingly disappearing the whole game. He impacts it in such an odd way. He has hit one shot, but he has seven points. It doesn’t feel like he’s done anything, but there he is doing the best in the box score of anyone. How? Touch passes to the right shooter at the right time. He holds onto the ball for less than a second before making a move to either A.) the rack or B) another man for an assist. Not a bad way to play.

Meanwhile, the second pick in last year’s draft has 6 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists but has three fouls. His impact has been negated due to those fouls, but boy is he active. You can always tell when he’s on the court, which is the exact opposite of Beal.

8:33 PM: Right after I say that MKG affects the game differently, we get a glimpse of it to start the second half. MKG glides in for a layup, steals the ball, then jams it all in about five seconds. Do Beal and Satoransky= MKG? Probably not…Sucks that we didn’t have the second pick.

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