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Terps, Hoyas, and Wizards

7:24 – Finally checking in to Wizards-Lakers after my seat was given away. No worries because now I’m sitting in Dave McMenamin’s seat (ESPNLA). Guess he decided the Lakers were small potatoes now.

7:24 – As always, there are significantly more Lakers fans here than, well, anyone. They’re still an absolutely massive draw for being one of the more mediocre teams in the NBA.

7:24 – 15-6 heading into the Chipotle Burrito Dash, Wizards are down. This place is unquestionably a Lakers home game, unless the Wizards decided to change their uniforms to purple and gold. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea; change your jerseys every time you play a really good team that travels well, so it seems like a home game! I’m onto something…

7:30 – I found myself thinking “Oh man, Bradley Beal is going to have a hard time covering Kobe Bryant tonight!” Then I realized, everyone has a hard time covering Kobe. Bradley Beal could tie his shoes the entire game and it will still have no effect on whether or not Kobe hits shots. He’s either going to or he isn’t. There are very few people who can keep the ball from Kobe. Beal’s best bet might just be letting Kobe get his while playing so-so defense, and saving his energy for the offensive end.

7:35 – Robert Sacre just jammed on everyone down low, which brings to my mind how many Robert Sacre gifs are going to be created tonight? He is, after all, the NBA’s biggest peer leader

7:40 – Start of the second quarter, Wizards down two points. Then Cartier hits a three pointer as I type this and Washington has their first lead of the game. Then he gets a steal on the ensuing possession and converts an and-one! Wizards up 3 points with a chance to make it four!

7:45 – Well, that was impressive. Cartier Martin just scored six straight points in about 55 seconds and now the Wizards have a six point lead. It happened so fast, but it’s something that could spark the Wizards. They’re turning it over like crazy. As I get the first quarter stats I can confirm that – nine first quarter turnovers. WOW

7:52 – Cartier Martin has essentially all the Wizards points in the second quarter, thanks to three 3 pointers and a three point play. The guy is a machine. He’s also a cornball brother, according to Rob Parker.

8 PM – Four minutes left in the second quarter, and the Wizards are up against the LAKERS!…..Granted, this isn’t nearly the same rendition of the Lakers that we’re accustomed to seeing, they still have more talent than the Wizards do with Kobe and Dwight alone. Fortunately for Washington, they’re a Courtney Love-style mess

8:01 PM And Jodie Mees now has 14 points on basically all three pointers, which has completely negated Cartier Martin’s effect on the game. Which brings me to my other point: WHY DIDN’T THE WIZARDS SIGN JODIE MEEKS IN THE OFFSEASON?! He’s young, he does what Cartier does only better, and he could have been a building block. He is one of those guys I feel will explode once he gets the chance to do it. Backing up Kobe doesn’t really give you that opportunity, but Meeks is a baller make no mistake about it. His Kentucky days are behind him, but I’ll never forget how dominant he was.

8:08 PM – It’s halftime for the Wizards, who are down 58-55 after grabbing a 10 point lead and diminishing it by not guarding Jodie Meeks. I’m not sure what to expect at this point. The Lakers are terrible at defense, but the Wizards are, by design, terrible at defense. Which one is going to break first? I’ll tell you what, if the Lakers keep hitting like 50% of their shots, there won’t be a whole lot of winning going on.

8:27 PM – Emeka Okafor is an absolutely horrible shooter, and TJ Simers of the L.A. Times left at halftime, citing “I’ve seen enough of this!” Great game we’ve got going on here.

8:33 PM – I completely forgot that Dwight Howard and Emeka Okafor were drafted first and second overall. Whoever says that staying in college is better for your career is a fool. That one-year rule should be completely eradicated, it’s that stupid. Anthony Davis could have played in the NBA last year and done just as well as Dwight Howard would have. A year in college just crushes some senior’s dream when he has to face a future Hall of Famer. See: Carmelo Anthony

8:41 PM – Nene comes into the game with the Wizards down 71-64, let’s see how quickly Washington gets back in the game. The Nene effect is well documented: he goes into the game and the Wizard start to win again. Unfortunately he has three fouls, so that may be marginalized tonight.

8:47 PM – I just witnessed something incredibly weird. Martell Webster fouls Kobe on an alley oop, but still dunks the ball in for him. Then, when Kobe goes down and appears hurt, everyone just waits for him to get up. They literally paused and waited to make sure he was alright before continuing. Does any player presently in the game command that kind of attention and respect? Jesus. I know he’s the elder statesman of the game, but there is still basketball to be played.

8:55 PM – So far it’s been the Jodie Meeks and Cartier Martin show. Each one was a free agent target for the Wizards last season, but Meeks said “Hell no!” to playing with the Wizards. Martin is battling to prove he’s just as valuable to the team, and I kinda believe him.

Meanwhile, the Wizards have gone on a 7-0 run to cut the lead to 6 thanks in large part to a giant Martell Webster smash!

9:15 PM – Wizards are down 97-91 with 3:34 remaining and Dwight Howard at the line. You know this place is going crazy because if Howard misses both, the Wizards fans get a free Chik Fil A sandwich….so pathetic in a losing season; awesome in a winning season.

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