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Terps, Hoyas, and Wizards

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By: Willis

0 Bradley Beal, the Wizards #3 overall draft pick, finally signed his contract! Not that I was starting to worry or anything. Apparently, though, Beal may not be the starter right off the bat, with Washington choosing Crawford over the field. (WaPo)

0 has a good piece on the changing of the Washington Wizards in hopes of the team eventually coming into their own (in an entirely different way than the Arenas Era).

0 Mike Prada of BulletsForever applies the Chad Ford (ESPN) NBA Draft Tier list, which is what I’m going to be calling it from now on, to the Wizards. He attempts to rank the young Wizards based on necessity to the team. My list? 1.) John Wall. Bradley Beal. Kevin Seraphin. Then everyone else.

0 This is older news but always nice to get a refresher about. InsideMDSports compiled a little segment after Andrew Harrison, the highly touted 2013 basketball recruit, went on an official visit to UMD-CP. He sounds lukewarm about the university, so I’ll say this to Mark Turgeon: The twins might end up being the most important signing in Maryland history. Yep, I said it.

0 In related news, the Baltimore Sun does their weekly recruiting roundup of Maryland Basketball, and in it this time they make Terps fans salivate. Why? The Harrison Twins have moved forward their decision day to a less narcissistic September, rather than in October on their birthdays.

0 The Annual Nike Pro-City Basketball Summer League tips off, and in it are lots and lots of Georgetown players. It used to be called the Kenner League, but they went and messed that all up. Nonetheless, if you’re in the area it’s worth attending to watch some seriously talented players ball for cheap. (

0 The 2014 recruiting class seems far away now, but it will be upon us in no time, and ClonesConfidential brings some news about 5-Star forward Chris McCullough’s intentions so far. Not a lot has changed, but on his list is definitely Georgetown

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By: Willis

0 Doc Rivers just lost in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, and I guess that would give a somewhat reasonable reason as to why he has to lash out at the Wizards organization….(Washington Post)

0 SB Nation reports that the Wizards also plan on working out 6 players on Tuesday in preparation for the NBA Draft. Does this mean we’re going to trade for another pick in this draft?

0 Speaking of potential draft picks, you’ve got to love it when Thomas Robinson, in an interview with, claims that he wants to “kill everyone.” Kinda makes me want to draft him….

0 In a bit of Hoyas and Wizards related news, which is rare, fellow Bishop O’Connell alum Jason Clark is planning on working out for Washington. Hats off, Mr. Clark! (CSN Washington)

0 I’d normally never link anything related to the Toronto Raptors onto this website, but it has to do with Georgetown forward Hollis Thompson, so why not? (RaptorsHQ)

0 According to’s Big East blog, Georgetown is a Top 5 coaching job in the conference. I’d have to completely agree with that assessment, except that academic standards may bring it down a notch. I’d still rank it above Louisville.

0 Terrapin fans, embrace Jake Layman! This kid has a bright future, as the future Terrapin power forward just landed himself a spot on the U-18 USA basketball roster. #Imcised (SB Nation)

0 Former Maryland Terrapins legend Walt Williams, who was the original Gary Williams pupil, is still managing to do great things in the community (He might be my favorite Terp). (Baltimore Sun)

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By: Willis

Does JT III resemble the school mascot in any way?

0 Obviously it would have been nice to have Mike D’Antoni, Jerry Sloan, Stan Van Gundy, or even Jeff Van Gundy, but as reports, Randy Wittman will do just fine for the Wizards.

0 CSN Washington has put Thomas Robinson on their radar for the upcoming NBA draft, compiling a comprehensive scouting analysis that, presumably, Ernie will eventually look at.

0 Someone likes Maryland over at the, because they’ve decided to go ahead and break down the Terps best options as PG moving forward. This is kind of a no-brainer…

0 In unrelated yet equally compelling Maryland news, I for one can’t wait to see how awesomely bad-ass this all-black field is going to be for the football team. At least we won’t be able to see the field when Connecticut comes in and whips our tails. (

0 The Hoyas can’t catch a break on the recruiting trail this offseason. And, as SB Nation reported just a few days ago, top recruit Devonta Pollard has chosen Alabama over the Hoyas. Guess he likes football more than future employment…

0 In case you missed it, Rob Dauster of has written an interesting piece on the development of big men at Georgetown University in more than one way. I respect JTIII more after reading it.

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By: Willis

0 In case anyone missed this, the Washington Post has an updated preview of next year’s Terrapin basketball schedule. Unfortunately, only one game against Duke. Fortunately, however, only one game against Duke for a young Terrapins squad…

0 ESPN clearly believes that since the Terps are running low on guards, Albany transfer Logan Aronhalt is going to play a very large role for them next year. I have my doubts about how talented this guy is going to become, but I hope he can provide at least some scoring.

0 Casual Hoya has written a nice eulogy on Jason Clark and his career at Georgetown. I’ve watched that kid play since high school, and it’s great to see how much he has matured over the years and became a well-rounded individual.

0 SB Nation decides to expound upon why the NBA Draft Lottery coming up Wednesday is going to drastically affect the actual NBA Draft. They have some not-so-surprising concerns about the Wizards and how well certain prospects fit within our system.

0 The Examiner has decided to torture Wizards fans with a little glimpse into what Kentucky Wildcats prospect Anthony Davis could mean for the Washington Wizards, comparing him to a current playoff player on a contender….and now I’m freaking out…

0 MLive via the Washington Post explains to us what the Washington Wizards could learn in following the sound advice of the Celtics and the Spurs in terms of team formation…whatever.

0 And finally, WUSA9 believes that the Wizards should try and recruit one of the best coaches to ever grace the hardwood in Jerry Sloan. Convincing him that we’re the future might require him to be a bit on the senile side…

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By: Willis

  • According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Rashard Lewis is more interested in his health than anything else (this includes his current team). I would be too, considering you can’t golf if your knees aren’t right. Just ask Tiger…
  • Not convinced the Wizards can keep Mr. Wall long-term? Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel, at least according to Gordie Gold of . He’s a firm believer that Washington will manage to have him around. Hey it’s fun to hope, right? I’m actually convinced myself that John Wall is relatively safe to remain here.
  • Georgetown landed a recruit! That’s right, despite not landing Nerlens Noel, the Hoyas managed to grab a sleeper pick in B.J. Hayes. SB Nation’s Tim Blank here to give you the gist on the new recruit.
  • Ever wonder why there is a relatively recent influx of native Africans into the NBA? Well, it’s in part due to programs like Basketball Without Borders, which help teach impoverished children in Africa how to ball. Patrick Ewing, former superstar at Georgetown, is one of the stars who heads overseas and helps out in lots of ways. Check it out at
  • The Maryland ’12-’13 schedule is officially here! Well, kind of. Actually, the Washington Post’s Matt Bonesteel (coolest name in sports reporting) has blessed us with a little glimpse of the ACC schedule. The Terps are going to be facing 7 teams twice, and well, just read the rest. Get excited, Terps fans.
  • Apparently the Terrapins like what they see in Mr. Dwayne Morgan, the 8th ranked small forward of the 2014 class. And while it’s a little premature to be thinking that far ahead in real life, the recruiting trail is a different story. (Washington Post)

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By: Willis

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By: Willis

The Weekly Link Up

  • The Maryland Terrapins have a pretty bright future, best evidenced by the performance of Sam Cassell Jr. (among other Terps recruits) during the Capital Classic Tournament. CBS Sports Washington has the recap.
  • Eamonn Brennan over at ESPN feels that losing Terrell Stoglin to the NBA is far more detrimental to the Terrapins program than apparently I am led to believe. Dissenting opinions are always good.
  • Who is going to replace Terrell Stoglin as the go-to guy for Maryland? The Bleacherreport believes that, perhaps, no one person is needed. I tend to agree with that notion.
  • The other segment of Beltway Basketball (The Hoyas) have promoted Kevin Broadus to full-time assistant on JTIII’s staff. The guy is a fantastic recruiter who grew up in the area, and is going to serve Georgetown very well in the future during his second go-round. On another note, DC sports teams now have two RG3′s to go along with their JT3.
  • Also related to Hoyas hoops, the Women’s team has hired Keith Brown to replace Terri Williams-Flournoy, the previous head coach. He’s going to help with recruiting, and he knows the program well, but there may be a drop off in production.
  • John Wall, even at a the ripe age of 21, has already taken on the role of mentor to rookie guard Shelvin Mack, the Washington Times documents this wax on, wax off relationship.
  • Speaking of Mr. Wall, it’s a little disheartening to hear via WaPo that he believed this year he was ‘kind of the same‘ as he was during his rookie season. I’m going to reserve my judgement for a later piece….
  • But hey! At least Andray Blatche is confident that he’s a much better player than he showed during his absolutely brutal (and potentially final) season with Washington.

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By Willis

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By: Willis

Monday’s Link Up

  • Be sure to check out BleacherReport’s hilarious list of The 50 Ugliest Basketball Shoes Ever Made (My colleague and I have certainly owned a few on this list, not to mention I had the one’s at the top spot)
  • BulletsForever has a nice statistical take on the rise and potential of Kevin Seraphin. It’s definitely worth a read to find out just where Seraphin stands historically against other players.
  • In case you missed it, the Washington Examiner can at least help you forget that Nene has packed it in for the remainder of the year by laughing at Nick Young and JaVale Mcgee in their respective places.
  • BleacherReport, with their seemingly unending number of writers, throws in a 2012 Mock Draft (post-Anthony Davis)
  • Via SB Nation, former Michigan player Evan Smoltrycz says he’s visiting Maryland.
  • An incredibly early look at the Maryland vs. Kentucky matchup for next year, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun
  • Two more days until Nerlens Noel decides whether or not he’d like to become a Hoya next season! For the local area fans, let’s just hope that his comments about Kentucky were an expression of hyperbole.
  • The Kansas City Star’s Campus Corner has the latest on another important Georgetown recruit in Devonta Pollard, the 5-star forward who has yet to commit.
  • We hardly knew ye, Terry Williams-Fournoy. Don’t know who she is? If you’re a Georgetown hoops fan (of a slightly different ilk), you should have paid her some respect already. If you hadn’t, well, it’s too late now

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