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Shaun Livingston Stroking J’s for the Wizards

The Teams
: Utah Jazz (4-6) vs Washington Wizards (0-7)

The Time: 7:00 PM

The Place: Verizon Center. Washington, D.C.

TV, Radio: CSN (TV), 106.7 FM (Radio)

The Washington Wizards are at it again for the second straight year; that is, they are attempting to halt a seven game losing streak in hopes of not breaking the franchise record for consecutive losses to start the season. Tonight’s entree? The Utah Jazz (because that name makes a lot of sense), who are coming off a 99-93 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers and have now lost two straight games. Fortunately for the Wizards, they make be in some luck tonight as the Jazz aren’t particularly good on the road, winning only one of seven games on the road this season (that one came against Toronto).

Meanwhile, the Washington Wizards have been getting throttled at home and away, thanks in large part to slow starts and poor shooting everything play from their starters. Of course, things could very well get worse with the questionable health of starting point guard A.J. Price heading into this game. Price turned his ankle earlier in the week against the Mavericks, which forced the Wizards to go out and sign the beloved Shaun Livingston in hopes of getting some depth at the position. With John Wall out, Livingston could see quite a bit of minutes today against the Jazz.

Why you should watch: The Wizards should win tonight

Yes, if you have been following this blog for any amount of time this year, you will have realized that we have predicted this plenty of times this season…but this time we mean it! The Utah Jazz are terrible on the road, and the Wizards are going to benefit from that big time. The Jazz shoot 42% from the field and average a shade under 92 points per game on the road this year. Contrast that with the fact that, at home, they average 100.7 points per game, and you can see why the Wizards might have a chance. I’m not predicting that Jazz fans will travel well for this game, so there could very well be plenty of Wizards fans who will actually give them an advantage in their home arena.

Jordan Crawford is coming off a fantastic 21 point, 7 assist performance against the Mavericks that almost brought the Wizards back from a 15+ point deficit, and it looks like he may be the starting point guard today. Even if he is the starting shooting guard, he’ll be going against either Mo Williams or Gordon Hayward, neither of which are going to be remotely good at guarding him. Crawford has a good chance to go off tonight and will have ample opportunity to shoot, so I could easily see him getting hot and becoming a major factor in this game going the Wizards way.

Key Storylines and Questions

1.) Will the Wizards get off to a slow start again?
Washington has been pretty terrible in the first half this season against, well, anyone. Against the Mavericks, it was the 19 point first quarter that put them behind early. With the Bobcats, it was the 12 point second quarter that doomed them. Hopefully Randy Wittman didn’t forget to fill up the tank against the Jazz tonight, so the Wizards won’t have to go to the gas station (the bench) to get moving early. A solid first half will go a long way to securing a Wizards victory.

2.) Shaun Livingston 2.0
Shaun Livingston’s last game with the Washington Wizards was back in 2009 against Indiana, where he put up 10 points and 7 rebounds in a 98-97 victory. Let’s just hope he can provide that same kind of boost this go ’round, because the Wizards are barren at the point guard position right now. He won’t provide the same boost from the three point line as A.J. Price has kind of done this year, but his passing ability may be much needed. That is, if he is any bit of the player the Wizards had a crush on a few years ago. The Wizards victory hinges on whether or not he is in shape enough to play solid minutes, and if he can dish the ball out to scorers like Beal and, believe it or not, Martell Webster (who can actually hit open shots).

Prediction: Wizards win this one by hitting a lot of their shots (which aren’t tons of three pointers) and minimizing turnovers.
101-97 Washington

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By: Mike Bohlin

Well, maybe Ernie Grunfeld and Ted Leonsis were surfing Twitter last night after A.J. Price went down with an ankle injury and the “Shaun Livingston to DC” convention took shape.

The Wizards announced this afternoon that they have signed the former lottery pick. This means two things to me; first, Price’s injury must be serious enough where he’s going to miss game time. Secondly, it shows the confidence level Randy Wittman and the front office has in Jannero Pargo and Jordan Crawford being the primary ballhandlers until John Wall’s return.

I am more than fine with this move as I was one of the people who used their 140 characters of glory to voice how Livingston’s agent should be called immediately. Despite being out of the league to start the year Livingston has more natural talent than any other capable point guard suiting up for Washington at the moment. As long as Livingston can stay healthy there is no reason to believe he cannot help this team.

Livingston will make his season debut in front of the home crowd this Saturday at Verizon. If I were a betting man I’d be willing to say there is a good chance Livingston could go from the couch to the starting lineup. We’ll find out soon enough, but in the meantime here is your newest (Again) Washington Wizard.

Shaun Livingston Washington Wizards Mix

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